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See Usernames for a list of logins to some of these vendors.

Also check out ThomasNet or Direct Industry for a searchable vendor list.

Don't forget about the Black List

Thanks to Stan Cotreau and the DeMille group for helping us to put this together.

Buyers guides

Ablation target preparation and testing

  • Applied Test Systems - high-end materials testing and furnaces
  • Futek - Load cells and other sensors
  • MTI Corporation - relatively inexpensive materials science research supplies (furnaces, temp. controllers, crucibles, gloveboxes, benchtop presses, diamond blade saws, ball mills, nanopowders...); equipment seems generally reliable though cheap. Technical support is of little help.
  • Renco Corporation - sells a wide variety of glovebox gloves, but they're a little laggy on responding to quote requests.
  • Sigma-Aldrich - also sells a lot of glovebox gloves and sleeves, and as a "Harvard Marketplace" company, they're very convenient and relatively cheap to order from on HCOM
  • Thermo Scientific - general lab supplies, including furnaces (Please see this note before considering buying from them, though!)

Radiation equipment

  • For radiation inspection, non-emergency cleanup, and radiation labels and waste bins, contact Ken Walker at
  • Atlantic Nuclear - radiation safety: shielding, radiation meters, dosimetry
  • Ludlum Measurements - exhaustive assortment of survey meters
  • Canberra - radiation measurement and safety supplies, including radioisotope samples

Chemicals and materials

Ablation targets

Adhesives and Glues

  • EMI UV - Fancy UV curing epoxy, low expansion and UHV (Optocast 3410 Gen2)


See also: #Chemicals_and_materials


See also: #Chemicals_and_materials

  • ESPI - expensive, but has everything
  • Goodfellow - metric, crazy expensive
  • Rembar- Good for Tantalum, Tungsten etc
  • Surepure Chemetals - Precious metals and wire in many sizes, cheap
  • Hagstoz - Gold and precious metals, usually cheap
  • Refining Systems - Gold and precious metals
  • Hauser and Miller - Even cheaper gold and precious metals
  • Allfoils - "UHV Aluminum Foil"
  • Sophisticated alloys
  • Parker Steel - Metric metals (not just steel). Tell Gary Bartlett that Stan sent you.
  • Data on copper alloy compositions
  • Copper and brass sales - THE copper and brass supplier. Doesn't always sell small quantities. Ask for Jeremy Jennings,
  • Sequoia Copper and Brass - Cheap copper and brass. Sells small quantities at reasonable prices, but might take a while.
  • Online Metals - Good selection, fast shipping, reasonable prices on most things. DO NOT BUY COPPER HERE... the price is inflated by a factor of 2-3 compared to Sequoia or Copper and Brass. You can order online with a PO, use account username: pwd: usual. Just enter PO number when asked for payment information.
  • McMaster - Good selection, reasonable prices. Don't buy if you really need a specific alloy of a metal, since they never provide any sort of material certification.
  • Brunner Enterprises - Good source for anodized aluminum.
  • Turner Steel - Steel
  • Ed Fagan - Invar, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Tantalum, Nickel
  • Admiral Metals - Aluminum, S.S., brass, beryllium, copper
  • Yarde Metals - Large diameter tubes
  • Tube Service - Large diameter tubes
  • T.W. Metals - Tubing, aluminum, stainless, nickel
  • Southern Aluminum Finishing - Aluminum sales; will do custom anodizing for good prices.
  • Rebel Metals - Aluminum and stainless. Steve approved.
  • Everest Metals - Copper, aluminum, stainless. Steve approved.
  • Cooner Wire Flexible heat links - (we use NER7710836B-OFE specifically request Cu10100 with certs)

Magnet Wire


  • NewCut - Photo etch machining, up to 80 mils thick, very tight tolerances, quick turn-around.
  • Ramsay Welding - Can do aluminum welding. Has Stan's seal of approval.
  • Protolabs - Lukin Group recommended
  • Plethora - Also recommended by Lukin group, might give you a credit if you are a new customer.
  • Harvard SEAS Shops - SEAS shops
  • Shenzhen Tuofa - Custom CNC parts, dirt cheap, within spec, but long-ish lead time (2-4 weeks). The Ni lab has used them and they are really shockingly cheap, ~$60 total price (machining + material + shipping) for some reasonably complex three piece DBR housings.

Solder and Braze

Plastics and Composites

Hardware/Machining Supplies/Fasteners

  • McMaster
  • MSC - When McMaster just won't do
  • Vlier - Screws with Springs inside and more.
  • Air Incorporated - 80/20 supplier. Phone: 800-341-2800. Best to have the cut numbers and location codes (from an 80/20 catalog) ready for any anchor fastener counterboring, etc., before you call.
  • Amazing Magnets - Permanent magnets
  • K&J Magnetics - Large selection of rare-earth magnets.
  • Olander - Helicoils, including phosphor bronze and other specialty materials. Don't bother with the website, just call with a part number and tell them the material.
    • Before ordering, it helps to have a part number from a helicoil manufacturer, such as Chrislynn Inserts or Emhart Teknologies. If you need non-magnetic helicoils quickly, MSC sells titanium helicoils in many common sizes.
  • Solon Manufacturing Belleville spring washers in specialty materials, including phosphor bronze
  • United Titanium Titanium fasteners
  • Mutual screw Brass (C260) and silicon bronze fasteners
  • Cold Headers Inc. Brass and Stainless Steel socket cap screws. Cheaper than McMaser (about factor of 2). Responds and ships fast.
  • E&T Fasteners PEEK screws and other exotic plastics. Can even get them vented!
  • Accurate Fasteners Local fastener distributor
  • Century Spring All manner of springs, including non-magnetic, unusual materials, and custom
  • J I Morris - Great selection of small screws and nuts, lots of stock
  • Seastrom Manufacturing - Great selection of washers, many sizes and materials.
  • Product Components Corporation - Plastic fasteners. Untested

Razor Blades

  • Cadence Inc., formerly Specialty Blades, has a large selection of razor blades in all shapes and materials.



  • Thorlabs
  • CVI
  • New Focus
  • Newport - Excellent damage threshold for price
  • Alpine Research Optics - Harmonic separators & other optics w/ great specs and low prices. Speak with Mike Ellison.
  • Casix - dirt cheap, long lead times?
  • conoptics - Isolators
  • Edmund optics
  • Optosigma - windows
  • Esco Products-unusually fast and inexpensive for custom optics jobs, proven reliable. Also good selection of stock optics, especially cheap windows, lenses, etc
  • Optotune - Electrically tunable lenses
  • Dorotek - Optics company for mirrors, etc ...
  • Red Optronics - Custom/volume optics. Large orders of standard things like mirrors can be <1/2 the price of standard optics places. Notoriously hard to get a hold of. Nick learned about this vendor from a member of the Greiner group who misremembered the name as "Red Optics," which is a pornography website. Boy was that confusing.
  • New Rise Optics - Red Optronics' new name.
  • FocTek - Custom/volume optics. Potentially dirt cheap, but be sure to check that the optics meet spec when you get them...
  • Laser Mill - Hyde Park, Vermont. Ni Lab source for used optics breadboards.

Frequency-Doubling Crystals

Acousto-Optic and Electro-Optic Modulators

Fiber optics


Laser Safety

  • Laser Safety Industries - great selection of laser goggles. Call and ask for an academic discount.
  • Laservision - great selection of laser goggles. Call and ask for an academic discount.
  • Kentek - lots of laser goggles, IR viewers, IR/UV cards, proportional IR wands, burn paper...

Laser Diodes

  • Prophtonix - Re-seller of diodes - go here first! They stock lots of manufacturers and are often deeply discounted. See here.
  • Sacher
  • Eagleyard - AR coated laser diodes
  • Roither Lasertechnik - Laser diodes, LEDs, Optics,
  • Toptica - Lasers, AR Coated Diodes
  • Intelite/Meshtel - Non-AR Coated Diodes, Sacher gets some of their diodes here before AR Coating
  • Power Technology - Single Mode Diodes, TAs, DFBs and more
  • m2K - Tapered Amplifiers and More
  • FLT Laser - Huge selection including DFBs from many suppliers in addition to their own line
  • Nanoplus - DFBs
  • RPMCLasers - Single Mode diodes and more, not AR
  • Intenseco - I think only Multimode / Broad Area
  • qPhotonics - Single Mode Laser diodes and more. 895-915 nm and 1050-1080 nm diodes are offered with AR coating (for $300-400)
  • Axcel Photonics - Common NIR Laser Diodes
  • Wavelength Electronics - Cheap and convenient current & temperature controllers.
  • Oclaro (formerly Bookham) - High power (>600mW) 980nm pump laser modules, fiber coupled.
  • EM4, Inc. - High power (600mW) 980nm pump laser modules, fiber coupled.
  • Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) - Custom-made high-brightness sources (e.g. RW, DFB, DBR, tapered, tapered with integrated gratings) near 630 nm
  • Innolume - High power IR diodes.


Hamamatsu PMT contact Rich at (908) 252-7728 Fax: (732) 537-3678


RF Electronics


  • Micromagnetics Magnetoresistance-based B-field sensors
  • Honeywell Anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) magnetic sensors. Noise is < 1 uG/rt-Hz @ 10 Hz. ~20$ each.
  • Stefan Mayer Fluxgate Magnetometers, Magnetic Field Sensors, Magnetic Field Compensation Systems and Magnetic Permeability Meters


  • Manuals from lots of companies for lots of old pumps & controllers



Vacuum Pump repair

  • Vacuum works- Paul Finestone. HullVac pump repairs 267-252-5572


Gases and Flow Control

  • MKS Instruments - Flow controllers. To get a login to see prices, go to Usernames.
  • Laminar Technologies - Sells used MKS flow controllers. The Harvard cleanroom manager (Noah Clay) claims that used flow controllers are better (since they are screened for infant death), and of course they are cheaper.

Quasi-Optical, Microwaves

mm-wave Microwave Components

  • Quinstar - Large selection of waveguide and coax, ask for Sage Kuno
  • Miteq - Largest supplier (and stock) but more expensive
  • Penn Engineering - Raw waveguide stock, flanges
  • Atwall - Raw waveguide stock, flanges
  • UBS - Raw waveguide stock, flanges

Optical detectors, PMTs

Coatings, deposition


Diamond-Turned Optics

Actuators and Motion Control

Vibration Isolation


Computers and Computer Hardware

  • Dell Go to, and select Dell departmental purchase. You will have to register; use your email. Configure your computer (you can get any system, or a "Harvard standard" system). When checking out you will have to select a shipping address - be careful, if you select "17 Oxford St" from the dropdown list it will probably have somebody else's name attached to it. If this is your first time ordering this way, you will have to manually enter the address with your name as the recipient. For future purchases, find the "17 Oxford St" entry with your name as the recipient. Choose "pay with credit terms". The same warning about the drop-down list applies for the payment address; be sure to select the "Jefferson Business Ofc" or something like that; if you select other addresses with "Jefferson" in the name it will go to somebody else (for example a secretary in the HETG).
  • Dell's Harvard Pricing WARNING: they are not necessarily cheaper than
  • NewEgg Computer accessories. WARNING: they do not accept POs.
  • Lenovo Harvard Pricing Departmental and Personal
  • For CDW order, send PO to Mecca Nnacheta

Office Supplies

  • Office Depot Fax 800-685-5010
  • B&H - HCOM marketplace vendor with lots of office supplies, including printer cartridges of all descriptions

Food, etc

Black List

Think twice before buying from these vendors.