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This page contains information relating to the OMAX 2626 waterjet cutter.

Important Safety Reminders

  • DO NOT use the machine unless someone has trained you to use it properly.
  • NEVER put your hands near the nozzle if the pre-charge pump is on. Always turn off the pre-charge pump when the jet is not in use.
  • NEVER put your hands near the slats without wearing cut-resistant gloves.
  • In case of injury, call 911, and take one of the injury treatment instructions cards located to the left of the OMAX computer with you to the hospital.
  • Protective eyewear is required while using the waterjet.
  • The waterjet phone number is 617-384-6746.

OMAX Lists

OMAX Purchasing

Talk to Steve Sansone (sansone@fas), Elizabeth, or Max about purchasing waterjet stuff. If something breaks on the waterjet, don't just walk away! Fix it, or let someone know.

  • Garnet: Garnet abrasive is purchased from Barton Mines. Email Cammie Simms ( to get a quote. The cost is roughly 0.25/lb, and we order 4400 lbs at a time.
  • Clamps: The clamps used to hold parts in the basin are called Quick-Grip Bar Clamps/Spreaders. They can be ordered from McMaster (see last section of link)
  • Waterjet Parts: Nozzles, mixing disks, jewels, foam muffs, etc. can be ordered directly from OMAX or Barton Mines.
    • Nozzles (a.k.a. Mixing Tube): McMaster 4165A17, or Barton WO300766
    • Mixing Chamber Disc: Barton WO303566
    • Orifice Kit: Barton WO304352
  • Sacrificial Material: Any material will do, so a cheap alloy of aluminum may be your best bet. Item 88685K51 from McMaster is good, for example.
  • Nozzle spacing shim: The nozzle-material spacing should be about 75 mils (0.075 in, or about 2 mm). Item 97235K165 from McMaster works.