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OMAX Startup/Cut/Shutdown Checklists

Machine Startup

  • Put a medical card in your pocket
  • Turn on water supply
  • Turn on air supply and check pressure = 75-80 PSI
  • Turn on electrical and startup computer
  • Turn on pre-charge pump
    • Check filter pressures = ~120 PSI, differential < 20 PSI
  • Rotate nozzle slightly (don't worry, nobody actually does this)
    • Counter-clockwise with respect to you looking down on nozzle
  • Check if you have to rotate jewel slightly (don't worry, nobody actually does this)
    • Counter-clockwise with respect to looking at top of jewel

Programming Setup

  • File -> Import from other CAD
    • Ask someone who knows how to save in the correct format
    • In Inventor, click on Save Copy As and select the .dxf format
  • Check that the drawing was imported correctly
  • Set cut quality
  • Right-click Lead i/o and select Autopath (Quick)
  • Click Path, and select the starting point
  • Confirm the path. Click the blue blob to make sure your part is correct!
  • Save the drawing
  • Right-click Path and open in Windows Make

Cutting Setup

  • Turn off pre-charge pump or move nozzle far out of the way before putting your hands in the cutting region!
  • Clamp your piece in place
    • Use extra pieces of stock if the clamps are not long enough
    • Do not clamp too tightly – can cause part to bow and hit nozzle
    • Use sacrificial material if finish matters
    • Be careful not to cut your hands on the slats
  • Move the nozzle to the path starting point and set Z zero
    • Place a piece of 1/16" material on top of your material
    • Lower the Z (by hand!) until it just touches the 1/16" material
    • Move the Z up (by hand) about 5 clicks
  • Make a home point and set the path start home
  • Raise nozzle, put on muff, then return to Z zero
  • Check material type and thickness
    • The default tool offset is 0.015.
  • Have nozzle move to extents, or do a dry run
  • Turn on pre-charge pump
  • Raise water level to about half-way up the muff
    • Place hand on piece near edge to make sure it stays in place
  • Warn bystanders if necessary
  • Start cut

Machine Shutdown

  • Clean out the muff
  • Clear temporary homes
  • Shut down computer
  • Turn off electrical, water, air
  • Return medical card
  • Spray down the machine and put tools and stock away
  • Don't forget your USB drive!
  • If you changed any settings away from the default value, please change them back!

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