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Harvard Crimson Online Marketplace is the new purchasing system for Harvard, which will replace EReqs by the end of 2011. RIP EReqs.

Link to legacy EREQ site.

How to get to HCOM

HCOM Login

HCOM isite


then iProcurement Home Page

HCOM Notes

  • Requisition Description Template - It is important to fill out this field completely and accurately since the physics purchasing office uses it to organize its records and presents it to auditors as a purchase justification.
    • [Group name] - [Vendor name] - [Purchase description] [Tag number (if applicable)], Quote [Quote number (if $5000 or more)] - for [Project name]
    • E.g., Doyle - Varian - Turbo pump E15033, Quote AB654321 - for ACME eEDM experiment
  • Printing a PO - For non-catalog orders, whose PO's begin with a 7, you are responsible for submitting the PO to the vendor. To get a printable copy, pay no attention to the instructions in Oracle's help dialogue. Instead, click on the "Requisitions" tab, then click on the appropriate PO number in the "Order" column. Then click on the "View" link next to "Supply Order Number Attachments." A link to a PDF of your PO will appear.
  • Wild card character for searches on Oracle: "%".
  • "Return" means "Save" in Oracle.
  • File the debarment form as an attachment when required. Debarment forms are required for purchased over $25,000.
  • To search groupmates' PO's, leave the name field blank and fill in the last five digits of your account number in the Root field of the PO search form. This is the Doyle group Root and is common to all accounts used by the group.
  • There is no way to specify a shipping method via HCOM, and the fields specifying a deliver-by date and time are just placeholders and will not be honored by vendors. If you need an item rush-delivered or any other non-standard delivery method, you must call the vendor directly.
  • When you receive an item, you must enter the receiving information into the HCOM system by hand. If you do not do so promptly, you will be reminded by email three times, then by a phone call from Accounts Payable.

Physics Deliver-To locations

H04221: Jefferson, 17 Oxford St

H86069: LISE

H86079: Northwest Labs

H04420: Science Center

H86073: McKay

H04350: 38 Oxford St (HEPL/LPPC/Waterjet)


Internal:HCOM suggestions is a list of our concerns about the HCOM system.