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Replace "-" with "@" in email addresses.

Name Email Phone Office Contact about...
Mike Beauvais LISE HVAC System
Stan Cotreau 617-495-5217 Machine Shop Machine Shop Class, machining jobs, questions about life
Louis DeFeo 617-495-4060 Northwest Labs Basement, Northern end Machining jobs
Silke Exner-Su 617-495-2865 Jefferson 363 Purchasing
Alyson Galipeau 617-496-4489 McKay Loading Dock Receiving (unless it has arrived at the mailroom)
Kelly LaBrecque 617-495-1375 LISE 304 LISE Keys, access, room reservations
Andy Meyer Email Dell computer purchase orders to Andy
Mitra Nathasingh 617-495-1912 LISE G56 LISE Building Maintenance
Jan Ragusa 617-495-3339 Jefferson 245 Purchasing
Steve Sansone 617-495-2820 HEPL Machine Shop OMAX Maintenance and questions (you can also ask Nick or Widagdo), machining jobs
Mike Sheehan 603-578-6516 Pfeiffer vacuum stuff
Ken Walker N/A Radiation Safety Office Radiation inspection, non-emergency cleanup, and radiation labels and waste bins
Michele Waters 617-438-0405 Around LISE LISE electrical work
Frank Morrissey Office: 617-495-4404 Cell: 617-999-0707 LISE G56 LISE Manager Small Projects and Alterations
Jason Reeves Cell: 631-834-7430 Office: 973-300-2501 Call about Frequency Comb Problems